It’s not always easy to choose a place for a photoshoot in London, especially if you don’t know the city. Here a list of the best places for city of lifestyle photo sessions in London.


Big Ben

Big Ben is number one landmark in London. There are also several red telephone boxes around that area. Although you should keep in mind that it’s on renovation and half covered with scaffolding.

Tower Bridge

I don’t need to praise this landmark. Everybody knows and loves this beautiful bridge.


Chelsea has bohemian reputation. It’s expensive but amazingly beautiful. Chelsea is one of the most fashionable residential areas in London. If you like style it’s definitely for you.

Brick Lane, Shoreditch

It’s your choice if you want to capture London with character but don’t really want to have very touristic photos.
Old brick warehouses now transformed into independent coffee shops and art galleries. Ir’s also a home for London street art.

St. Pauls Cathedral

Portobello Road market

Portobello Road is one of London’s most famous streets. It’s famous for being the largest antique market in the world. It’s vibrant, multicultural and buzzing with energy and excitement.

The end?

And it’s great to have a cup of coffee in the end of photo shoot. I try to make some portraits indoors as well.